Frequently Asked Questions

How long do they last?

ENCORE drinkware is designed for commercial use. Since they do not break as easily as glassware they last longer and are more economical than disposables. ENCORE drinkware is a better overall value despite a higher initial cost. When glass breaks, you know when to replace them. With plastic you replace them as they wear out. Expect plastic to last 3 to 4 times longer than your current glassware.

What about scratching?

As with all things, plastic drinkware wears out and scratching is part of the wear process. ENCORE drinkware is made of a high-grade polymer which has a harder surface than most other plastics. This harder surface resists scratching better. Customers who were unhappy with other plastics are pleased with ENCORE drinkware.

How about commercial dishwashers?

Unlike some other plastic products sold for home use, ENCORE drinkware is safe for use in commercial dishwashers. Our drinkware has been tested with Ecolabs and Auto Chlor Systems, as well as other commercial dishwashing systems. Use them in the bar brush systems too, including automatic brush systems. Be sure you have the proper detergent to water ratio per the manufacturer instructions.

Why are they better than glassware?

ENCORE drinkware reduces liability from glass breakage. They do not shatter like glass making clean up easier and faster. The danger of lacerations and contamination of glass chips is eliminated. Thermal shock of a cold drink into a hot glass is not a problem. Plastic is stackable and lighter allowing for easier handling and storage. Plastic has superior insulative properties too.

Can you frost them like glassware?

Yes you can! In fact, plastics maintain their frosting longer due to it’s superior insulation properties. They reduce condensation too while keeping cold drinks colder.

Why use ENCORE plastic drinkware?

ENCORE drinkware is a step up in presentation from other plastic tumblers. Designed to emulate glassware in look and feel. They look like glassware but wear like plastic. Improved scratch resistance over other plastics including polycarbonate. Engineered for commercial use unlike plastics for home use. Made in the USA and manufactured from FDA approved plastic resin. ENCORE drinkware reduces your operating costs while creating quality in image and presentation.